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    Our school is dedicated to the concept that martial arts training is a composite process. It is incumbent on school management and staff to insure that self defense, physical development and character development are considered as the student trains. The school must provide a family friendly environment that will prepare the student to understand the moral and physical consequences of misuse of the talents and abilities developed as part of martial arts training; anything less is irresponsible and unacceptable.

Bushido Spirit

Commonly translated as the "Way of the Warrior". Bushido is comprised of three separate words; BU meaning Military or Combat. SHI meaning Knight or Warrior and DO meaning way or path. Check out the link below to see the lineage of our Bushido.

Our childrens program is designed to provide a firm foundation in martial arts and

physical conditioning, while increasing self esteem and self discipline. After school tutorial programs reinforce the need for academic excellence and ongoing safety awareness, stranger danger, rape prevention and threat recognition programs insure awareness of areas of concern for both parent and child.

Our methods perpetuate the the traditional values of martial arts, rooted in honor and respect.

In addition they enhance fitness, self confidence, coordination and grace. Our programs provide a friendly, professional environment to learn basic and advanced martial arts, self defense and Okinawan weapons.


Kaiyou Shin Kai is a term literally meaning "Ocean Spirit Organization". The name was chosen to represent the multiple and changing aspects of the martial way of life. Often we see only what exists on the surface, while there is magic and majesty in the depths. It represents a nature that can be soft and giving yet has a capacity for swift and merciless action.


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